[Only 1% knows] Common points of people who audition by nobu88888

[Only 1% knows] Common points of people who audition

Four things in common with those who audition

What kind of woman will seize the opportunity in the audition and become a popular person?

I will tell you the “characteristics of people who are easy to audition” that can be understood only from the former industry people.

Difference in practice amount
Acting if you are an actress
If you are a talent, a character,
If you are a model, how to walk and behave
These are the elements required for each genre.
People who are easy to audition usually practice to improve these factors.

You are learning the technology to make yourself look good.

It is almost impossible to pass the audition without making any effort such as practice.
Occasionally, there are women who can make their debut with only talent, but only a few who are chosen by God.

Most of the people who pass the audition practice and show themselves in public.

Daily practice and the number of venues give you confidence.
It creates something like an aura and catches the eyes of the judges.

Girls who fall into auditions can say that they are still lacking in self-improvement.


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What are the selling models striving for? A quick commentary on the outside and inside!
Prepared for work
In order to pass the audition, it is also important to have “preparation for work”.
Especially when you are in the early days when you cannot choose a job, you need to be prepared.
In the case of an actress, there is also shooting of wet areas.

In some cases, movie auditions are premised on showing nakedness.
Still, if you’re not prepared, it will be difficult to audition.

In the case of Yuriko Yoshitaka
He passed the audition and won the lead role in the movie “Snakes and Earrings”. Nude is also shown in the movie.
She was 20 at the time. It turns out that she is quite prepared.
Depending on the brand, even models may wear clothes that are almost naked, and it is a daily occurrence that you have to change clothes in front of everyone’s eyes.
If you are a talent, you will sometimes be laughed at and perform embarrassing tricks.

Industry person N
If you’re scared of these things, you’re not a pro!
Think of the audition as not only looking, but also preparing for work.

[Textbook for those who want to be an actress] What should an actress always sell?
Whether it is the person you want
It is also important that the person in the position of judging, such as a director, director, or producer, is the person who wants it.

This preparation is the technique for winning a pass, which accurately captures the desired image and faces the audition. You don’t just have to appeal to yourself.

In the advertising industry, you need to focus on market-in, not product-out.

For example, that Johnny’s also has the character image that Johnny’s office wants. It’s not just about being young and cool.

A boy with a look and character that matches Johnny’s office was selected, and he made his debut.

This is the same for auditions such as actresses and talents. It is required to match each role and position.

It is important to research and create in advance, not just to audition. If it’s a model, does it match the image of the magazine or brand?

Before you audition, do a thorough study of what your needs are.

How to make an audition self-promotion | A must-see if you want to become an actress / model!
Not a mass production type
There are tons of pretty girls and beautiful women out there.

However, when such girls audition, they do not always pass and sell.

Just being cute and just being beautiful is not interesting from the user’s point of view.

When I was a producer and an office manager, I chose to see how unique I was.

The mass production type gets tired quickly. On the contrary, women with originality somehow sold and survived.

Recently, Twitter and Instagram are also becoming more important.
Girls who send out unique information on SNS are easy to notice.

The fact that there are more followers than other children is proof that it is not a mass production type by itself. No matter what kind of audition you take, it will be one of the appealing points.


Increase your Instagram followers and become a famous entertainer!

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What to do to get an audition

Just waiting doesn’t give you a chance. It’s the same even if you just audition.
If you don’t prepare accordingly, you won’t be able to win your debut or big job.

Here are three things you need to do to get an audition.

Improving the appearance with orthodontics and cosmetic surgery
Even if the appearance isn’t everything, the impression of the audition also affects the judging. Especially for actresses and models, the importance of appearance is high.

Recently, the resolution of TV has increased, and the faces of the performers can be seen clearly. An increasing number of entertainers are actively performing plastic surgery and orthodontics in order to make them look like they can withstand it.

The plastic surgery rate for girls aiming for the entertainment world is also increasing.
Let’s take it for granted that you should look good and audition before your debut.

If you would like to know more about plastic surgery and orthodontics in the entertainment world, please check here as well.

Where is the cosmetic surgery purveyor to entertainers? Plastic surgery situation in the entertainment world [Success / Failure story]

Orthodontic methods popular with entertainers and the benefits of orthodontics [Tooth changes your life]
Increase the time spent on lessons
To increase the amount of practice, you have to secure time for that.
Furthermore, it will be difficult to win the audition without improving the quality of practice.

People who have belonged to offices, theater companies, training centers, etc. since childhood have been taking professional lessons all the time.

The only way to close the gap and win a role is to improve time and quality. It costs money to take lessons.

Nightwork, for example, would be an option when it comes to clearing both time and money.

If you work in a high-class club, you can make a lot of money in a short time. Moreover, the working hours are at night. Auditions and lessons are often held in the daytime, so it’s possible to achieve both.

In fact, many actresses and model eggs work in high-end clubs like Club Chick. This is because it is more convenient than a normal daytime part-time job. Working together will be inspiring. You may also be able to exchange information about auditions.

Get a lot of auditions
Auditions are places where you can demonstrate the results of your daily practice and lessons.

In other words, it’s production. Even if you can do it in practice, you may not be able to demonstrate your abilities in the actual performance due to tension and atmosphere.

It takes some getting used to to show yourself as you really are.
To get used to it, it’s quick to take a lot of auditions.

It also means expanding your chances. If you don’t receive it, you won’t even have the opportunity to get to know yourself. Even if it’s a small role, please apply for the audition and take on the challenge without choosing.

If it falls, think about “what went wrong”.
Find and overcome improvements and challenge the audition again! This repetition will help you grow.

Former industry person talks! Hidden spices to audition

When auditioning for actresses and personalities, don’t be too enthusiastic.
If you force yourself, you will not be able to show yourself naturally.

It’s easier to get actress and talent auditions if you show yourself.
It’s important to do things that other people don’t do and show them “I’m such a person!”

Industry person N
Let’s introduce the episode of the actress who actually won the audition.
Juri Ueno Passed by showing off “ass character” at the morning drama audition
Keiko Kitagawa Passed by digging the potato version while sitting upright at the audition for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”
Masami Nagasawa Passed by saying “I will not dance” in the actual performance while her special skill is “jazz dance”
Mugi Kadowaki Take off your clothes and show off your nakedness at the audition of the movie and pass
Women who won the audition brilliantly by showing the difference from other people.
Somehow impact is important.

In terms of difference from other people, “connection” is also important.
I can’t say that it’s very obvious, but the power of connections is definitely working even in auditions.

For small jobs, auditioning on the recommendation of someone with some strength in the industry makes it relatively easy to accept.

In rare cases, behind the audition, the winners were decided by the connection. Making connections is also one of the techniques to win a pass in an audition.

Click here for information on how to make connections with industry people.
Here is a summary of the connections you need to make your debut in the entertainment world and survive.

Are there many connections in the entertainment world? Reveal the truth about connections and connections
The audition is the battlefield.
Only a few can win and reach their debut.

Women who can pass also have a different personality than others.
Polishing it and demonstrating it in production is the secret that catches the eyes of the judges at the audition.

To do that, you need to get information and step on the number of venues.

Let’s take a different action for women who have fallen auditions!
It may give you new tips for passing.

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Those who pass the movie audition have their own characteristics! by nobu88888

Those who pass the movie audition have their own characteristics!

Various movie auditions are held all over the country every year, but I think there are many people who just failed the results even though they applied for it. It depends on the person, such as those who have taken perfect measures for the audition, those who have taken appropriate measures, and those who applied for the audition with almost no measures. However, if the selection continues so far, the characteristics of the people who will be auditioned will be worrisome. So this time, I would like to introduce the characteristics of the people who audition. Some people are worried or wondering if auditions are related to their appearance such as face and body shape, but are they really related?

table of contents
Characteristics of people who pass the first screening
Characteristics of people who pass the second screening
Is your face or body shape relevant?
Those who audition are always positive
Characteristics of people who pass the first screening
Profile photo
I think that I often prepare two photos of the bust-up and the whole body for the audition photo. In a bust-up photo, be sure to take a picture from the front from the tip of your head to your chest, and twist your body so that you do not make an angle. I also like the facial expressions and skin quality, so be sure to raise or separate your hair so that you can see your forehead, and shoot with a natural smile. You don’t have to worry about dentition and acne.
In the case of a full-body photo, be sure to take it from the front so that it fits in the frame from the tip of your head to the toes of your feet. There is no problem if the pose is just to cross the legs, but excessive poses will cause failure. Not only photo processing apps, but also photo booths are prohibited. If you are a woman, use no make-up or natural make-up. It is common sense to always wear clothes that show your body line.
In addition, the make-up for audition is explained in the following linked article.
Reference: There is makeup for auditions! [Makeup rules]

Motivation / self-appeal
If you prepare a photo that catches the eyes of the judges, the next thing you need is a desire motive and self-promotion that will appeal to the judges. The motivation for aspiring is to write why you applied for the office you want to belong to, but at the same time, while explaining the differences from other offices, let’s write down the strengths after you belong. Not only longing for “because XX belongs”, but also check in advance what kind of human resources the office is looking for.
In self-promotion, do not write long sentences, but focus on one special skill and summarize it concretely and concisely. It will be easier for the judges to imagine what kind of achievements they have made in the past and what kind of situations they have been useful in, if you enter numbers. In addition, sentences like him that make you imagine the future, such as where you can make use of your special skills after belonging to the office, are also important self-promotion.
The method of passing the first screening is explained in the article linked below.
Reference: [Shortcut to pass] How to pass the audition document screening?

Characteristics of people who pass the second screening
Don’t be late
As you can see from any site, one of the characteristics of people who audition is “people who are not late”. People who really have dreams and goals in the first place cannot be late unless there is a good reason. Being late is a matter of course because it is judged that the person lacks motivation, seriousness, and sincerity.
In the entertainment industry, staff, photographers, and many other stakeholders come together on-site, and being late for just one person can bother dozens and hundreds of people. For example, just imagining that you were late for a live broadcast would freeze your spine, right? I think that it is often necessary to go to the designated audition venue for the second screening, but please arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance with plenty of time. If there is a big delay or an accident, it is good manners to contact us in advance.

Impression is good other than the judges
In every field, good stories come to those who have a good impression from people. One of the characteristics of the people who audition is that they are friendly, and we sincerely respond not only to the judges but also to the other staff at the venue. This may not be because she is flirting, but because she is aware that she is always seen.
You don’t have to be that nervous, but at least when you’re at the audition, you should think that you’re always being judged. The chances of being seen by the people involved in cursing or rudeness are not zero, and it is possible that they will be rejected. I want to be a person who feels like “I want to get involved with this person”.

Talk to Hakihaki and have a loud voice
It’s different from being loud and screaming, but when you’re auditioning, talk loudly and confidently. Some people have a low voice due to tension or anxiety, but I’m nervous when there are at most a few judges and participants because I have to talk with more people at the debut and large public auditions. You will never be able to pass the exam.
People who speak loudly and openly get the impression that they are full of confidence. Those who have the power to convey to people are great weapons that can be used in any field such as voice actors, singers, models, actors, actresses, comedy, etc., and are taught as the foundation of the basics at training centers. Questions and answers are held at the interview, but when you are called or asked a question, make a loud voice so that the people around you will turn to you.
The second screening is explained in the article linked below.
Reference: [Experience story! ] A special skill that approaches passing when shown at an audition

Is your face or body shape relevant?
Many people care about their appearance such as face and body shape when applying for an audition, but their appearance is not necessarily related to passing the audition. To put it in more detail, for example, some people may have bad teeth alignment or acne, but they can be cured as much as you want after you belong to the office.
As expected, models are a profession that requires good looks, so looks and style have a lot to do with it, but actors, voice actors, singers, etc. have something to do other than appearance. The entertainment world is a world with many good-looking men and beautiful women, but on the contrary, there are many good-looking men and beautiful women who are not selling at all, so it is not always essential to make a debut or become a hot seller.
Some offices place importance on appearance to some extent, but many offices are looking for someone who is purely capable. When applying for an audition, you can check what kind of human resources the office you are applying for is looking for by looking at the official website.
It’s important to understand that there’s nothing wrong with a bad appearance, and auditions are more about the inside than the appearance. Those who have a personality problem do not need to ask and answer and fail. Even if you look bad, there should be many other valuable appeal points that only you have.
The height issue is explained in the article linked below.
Reference: [Trouble] Is there a height limit in the Noh world?

Those who audition are always positive
One of the characteristics of people who audition is that they are energetic and positive in any situation. Energetic and cheerful people give positive energy to the people around them, and they are very important weapons for working together. A cheerful person can be reflected in his voice and attitude, and can answer the judges’ questions in a hurry, so the impression is very good.
And energetic people often have a positive spirit at the same time, and they also appear in words and deeds. At the audition, I made a negative expression that made my impression worse, but what I was waiting for was a rejected character. The way you communicate to the other person is very important, and even if you don’t have the feats or hobbies that you can be proud of, you can make them think that it is a big feat depending on how you communicate.
For example, what do the judges think when they hear the story, “I applied for 100 auditions so far, but all the results were disastrous …”? They will probably follow you on the spot, but they will give you a negative impression and will probably fail. Instead of bringing the negative results to the end, let us know what positive benefits you could get from the negative results.
So, if you tell me anyway, “I have fallen into auditions more than 100 times so far, but through those experiences I realized the importance of XX and XX, and thanks to that I was able to obtain a weapon called XX.” Let’s put it in another way. This gives the judges a good impression that she is always greedy, not only motivated and enthusiastic, but also based on her experience of failure.

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This is the person who will be auditioned! by nobu88888

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What you need to know to pass the audition by nobu88888

What exactly is the aura of a person being scouted?

The quickest way to become a star or a longing entertainer may be to be called out in the city. I often hear the word aura, but if the aura is shining brightly (san), you will be in the entertainment world you admire immediately.

That said, what exactly does “aura” mean in the first place? I think there are many people who say, “I understand somehow,” but when I get asked to “explain concretely,” I get in trouble. So, this time, I would like to explain in detail what the aura of a person being scouted is. It has a strong spiritual hue, but please read it as a reference.

1 What is an aura in the first place?
1.1 What is an aura? The energy of life
2 Anyway, I want to pay attention
3 First, I want to feel the aura
I can’t be jealous of four people
5 Important time to spend alone
6 It’s also important to be impressed
7 It may be important to have a romance
8 Does she really see the aura?
9 What kind of people are Scoutmen scouting for?
What is an aura in the first place
Person to be scouted Aura
Recently, the number of people who use the word aura without any doubt is increasing. What is “aura” in the first place?

There is no doubt that the person being scouted has an aura, but that does not mean that you have no aura at all.

Those who are scouted seem to know the technique of raising an aura. If you can emit an aura, it wouldn’t be unrealistic for you to be a scout in the city.

Person to be scouted Aura
That being said, the aura is actually invisible, so we need to start with the definition of what the aura is.

What the aura is is the spiritual energy emitted by the living body, in other words, the “atmosphere that can be felt somehow”. Qigong may be applied to the aura, so it may be called “chakra”.

And, as a word often used, “pheromone” is also regarded as something similar to an aura. People who are facing romance may be very concerned about this pheromone.

What is the aura? The energy of life
Person to be scouted Aura
Energy is pouring into the universe, which will be carried to the surface of the body as an aura, and will penetrate into the body through the seven entrances of the chakras.

The energy of the universe that has penetrated into the body will circulate and be released back into the universe. The aura is the energy of life, and the fact that the living people are surrounded by the aura can be said to be a natural joint.

I just want to pay attention
Person to be scouted Aura
People who want to be entertainers just want to get more attention than others. Speaking of romance, it’s the same as wanting to be popular. There are people who are popular even though they are not beautiful women, but such people also give off a lot of pheromones.

The pheromone acts on the opponent, and the opponent unknowingly senses the pheromone. Pheromones can also be called love auras, but love auras can be thought of as being transmitted to the other person without having to be a beautiful woman or having a conversation.

Aura is communication that is completely different from conversation. To tell the truth, anyone can communicate with the aura. However, we have just forgotten how to put out the aura.

Person to be scouted Aura
Everyone wants to have an aura because they want to be scouted, but everyone naturally has the ability to do so. When you’re crazy about something, your eyes are naturally shining, right? It releases positive energy from the body, which becomes an aura and makes the eyes shine.

Considering such things, the aura is not something that you try to force yourself to put out, but it is something that you are truly pleased with and that you are living honestly with yourself. ??

However, even if you are told to live honestly with yourself, you will not know what to do, so let’s think about this concretely. These are the types of people who emit the aura of being scouted in the city.

First of all, I want to feel the aura
Person to be scouted Aura
Let’s start by feeling the aura. First, find your own style that can be open to the aura.

We will start by touching various auras. If you think “this person has an aura and it’s nice” at school or at work, you can actively make friends with such people and create an environment where you are always on the side of the aura. ..

It is also called “aura”, “kind calls friends”, or “law of attraction”. For example, do you often hear that entertainers have been friends with the same entertainers for a long time?

If you can interact with the aura, you will be able to have a natural and open standing position with the aura. People are not the only ones who emit an aura, so let’s touch various things such as plants, animals, and spots that emit an aura.

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I can’t be jealous of people
Person to be scouted Aura
People who are always sick and have a personality that makes them jealous of humans do not feel that they have an aura. If you think “that person is wonderful” and are jealous of you, your aura will not grow up.

Negative energy will be emitted from the body, hiding one’s own aura. To be scouted, you need to be a positive thinking person yourself.

Suppose you drop your wallet and you happen to be lucky enough to have your wallet delivered to the police box. This lucky thing can actually be seen as an aura-guided act. It can be said that the aura is attracting even the trivial and lucky daily events.

Occasionally, the aura can tell you the danger. At that time, do you treat with gratitude for the aura? The aura will grow greatly with gratitude at that time.

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Important time to spend alone
Person to be scouted Aura
People who want to be scouted may be motivated to go to more crowded places. However, the time spent alone is also very important. People living in the city may be paralyzed because there are too many people around them.

If you have a desire to grow your aura, be aware that spending time alone is also important. Only 15 minutes a day is fine, so be aware that you are spending time alone.

Sometimes humans are very important to have time to shut out external information and communication. Block outside voices and listen to your own interior.

If you can live a daily life that allows you to interact with what comes from within your own body, you will be able to create a fascinating aura in the city. It’s also a good idea to meditate for 15 minutes a day.

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It’s also important to be impressed
Person to be scouted Aura
In your daily life, you will come across many moving events. I want you to take good care of yourself at that time. The more you grow up, the more irrelevant the word “impression” becomes, and you may not be so impressed that you could ride a bicycle for the first time as a child.

I want everyone to remember the excitement of those days. If you think that you are not impressed by comparison with that now, try to seek such an experience as much as possible. The time when I am impressed is when the aura is full.

It can be said that the emotional material is full of things in everyday life, but if you are not aware of it, it is possible that modern people in particular may not be able to experience it. At first, see the beautiful sunset. Let’s take a lesson that will impress you. At the same time, let’s seek a comfortable lifestyle.

Person to be scouted Aura
If your daily life becomes a rut, you will not be able to emit an aura from that person. If you feel comfortable spending your boring days, you can grow your aura there.

Unlike emotions, how you can feel good is when you’re cycling in nature, when you’re sweating in the sauna, or after jogging.

What we can say in common here is that some effort and effort is required before that. People may feel comfortable because their bodies and minds are once pressed and radiated by harmful effects. First, let’s distinguish between the state of being impressed and the state of being comfortable and take action.

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It may be important to have a romance
Person to be scouted Aura
And isn’t it correct that love makes people beautiful? Love can provide a lot of emotion, and it will also help you learn and solve problems and have a pleasant experience.

If you fall in love, a love pheromone will be emitted, which will make people attractive anyway. No love needs to be someone, it could be a movie, a fashion, or a pet.

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Do you really see the aura?
Person to be scouted Aura
To be honest, I say that I can see the aura, but when I look at the object, I think there are many cases where I can’t see the aura. Still, the person may have said, “Well, you have an aura” to match the other person.

But isn’t there a lot of such things in our world? He says, “That child has a good atmosphere,” but the atmosphere is not specific.

Anyway, people living in modern society have many opportunities to play with smartphones, and I think they are quite strong because they can only understand them visually. If you live like that, your sensory organs will weaken and you will become more and more unable to see the aura.

Person to be scouted Aura
The aura is felt by the sixth sense, so it is unavoidable for some people to actually not see it. Those who cannot see may be those who cannot emit an aura. Many people will say, “I can’t believe the aura because I can’t see it.”

As for the energy emitted by the aura, you are living a fulfilled life with various energies, but I have never seen anything like electrical energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy, solar energy, etc. , Credit

It should be. Isn’t it possible to admit that there is life energy emitted from the body?

The idea that only what you see can be trusted is wrong, and there are many invisible things in our world in the first place, and many people believe and feel it. Scoutmen walking around the city may be said to be such types of people.

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What kind of people are Scoutmen scouting for?
Person to be scouted Aura
Scoutmen can also feel the aura from their backs. Scoutmen are paying attention to the brilliance of the rough stones.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it would be possible to pick up a person who seems to be a celebrity, but a scout man may scout “dark ore before being polished” before that. ¡

Here, I want you to feel why such a person was scouted from the flow of the story so far. Scouted people have a different atmosphere compared to other humans.

An aura is emitted from there. However, such an aura may not be emitted from those who are swept away by modern society and buried in the mass acceptance.

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The secret to passing the audition! Tips for judging from the characteristics of the recipient by nobu88888

The secret to passing the audition! Tips for judging from the characteristics of the recipient

The secret to passing the audition! From the characteristics of the recipient to the tips of the examination
Auditions are inevitable as a gateway to the entertainment world of singers, voice actors, and idols. If you can pass an audition for a major entertainment agency or entertainment production, your chances of becoming a top-notch actor or talent will increase.

Those who pass the audition are said to have common characteristics. Also, in order to pass the audition, it is important to devise and devise countermeasures.

Therefore, this time, I will explain the characteristics of those who pass the audition and the tips for receiving it.
What are the characteristics of those who pass the audition?
People from all over the country who want to become entertainers gather at the audition. Since the applicants on the spot are aspiring talents, it can be said that they are all excellent in appearance to some extent. Of those people, only those who sometimes win hundreds of times can be successful.

In such an audition, the only screening point you can pass is to make the office think you want it. First of all, I will explain the characteristics of people who “want” to the entertainment agency.
There is “individuality” that other people do not have
Each entertainment agency has its own color. However, we do not always pass only the same type of personnel who match the color of the office. The more talents you belong to in a major agency, the more different types of talents you belong to.

The human resources that are commonly sought after in any office have a strong personality that no one else has. Even if you are good at singing and acting, it will be difficult to pass if you resemble an existing talent. Rather, even if you are not good at singing or acting, those who can feel the growth are more likely to pass.

If you have a personality or feat that is unlike anyone else, that alone is a step towards passing. If you feel that you have a personality that no one else has, try to develop that personality. If there is nothing, it is important to find individuality first for differentiation.
Cheerful, energetic and able to talk to Hakihaki
Those who pass the audition will speak with confidence, cheerfully, cheerfully and without fear from the first self-introduction. Some people get nervous and their voices get quieter in public, but if you become an entertainer, you will have the opportunity to speak in front of a larger number of people or live on TV.

If you are nervous in front of the judges when you audition for the office you want, you can’t win on a bigger stage. Then, future aptitude will be questioned.

It’s a good idea to practice regularly so that you can reply loudly when your name is called. In that case, it is also recommended to simulate while looking in the mirror so that you will have a natural smile.
You can work with a strong curiosity
A person with strong curiosity is one who has aspirations and can work hard. Those who are interested in anything learn and absorb many things from the smallest things.
The entertainment world is a world where you are constantly required to improve your skills. Those who are willing to learn try to learn what they need. The attitude of self-learning and curiosity about things are very important factors in the entertainment world.

If you pass and belong to the office, it is not the end, but rather you will need more effort after you belong. There are many cases where you are satisfied just by belonging and struggle because you are not blessed with a good job even if you make your debut as a result of neglecting your efforts.
Anyone who is curious and can work hard will be able to enjoy and endure any difficult situation. The judges are also checking the inside of such applicants.
Have a greedy spirit of challenge
It’s important to convey your enthusiasm for how much you want to be in the office so that the judges in the office will want it. It can be said that those who pass the exam are also characterized by the fact that the amount of energy they want to enter the office overwhelms others.

When you belong to an office, you may get unexpected jobs. Even in such a case, the office is looking for someone who has the greedy spirit and determination to take on the challenge. Strong enthusiasm and determination to take on any job will move the judges.

Motivation and enthusiasm have the power to win the hearts of people. Even if you audition with half-hearted feelings, the judges will find out.

Tips for passing the auditions for the first and second screenings
The audition does not have an interview from the beginning, but there is a primary screening before the interview. Most of the first screening is only document screening, and resumes and photos are subject to screening. In the second screening, practical skills screening and interviews such as acting ability, singing ability, and dance will be conducted.

The actual audition is the second screening, and the first screening is only the passing point up to that point. However, if you do not pass the primary document screening, you cannot proceed to the secondary, so it is important to devise countermeasures from the primary.

From here, I will explain the profile picture and resume, points to be noted in interviews and practical skills, and tips to appeal well.
Devise a profile picture and resume
If it’s a photo to put on your part-time job resume, it’s okay if it’s clean and refreshing. But be aware that audition photos are completely different from part-time resume photos.

Hundreds and thousands of photos will arrive at the audition. Among them, if the photo has no eye-catching impact, it is highly likely that it will be thrown away without being read by the resume.

It is important that the audition photo is a photo that conveys your appeal and personality at a glance. Please note the following points when shooting.
◎ Two pieces of bust up and whole body
◎ Be sure to shoot from the front
◎ It is strictly forbidden to pose strangely, such as twisting your body or raising your hands or legs.
◎ No make-up or natural make-up
◎ Show your forehead and shoot with a natural smile
◎ Wear clothes that show your body line
◎ Purikura and processing apps are prohibited

The important thing in your resume is to briefly describe your aspirations and feats that will appeal to the judges. At the same time as your enthusiasm for joining the office you want, let’s convey the benefits that will be given to the office if you do.

◎ Write the reason for applying for the desired office
・ Write down the differences from other offices
・ Investigate the human resources required by the office in advance and state your strengths in that regard.
◎ Focus on one special skill and summarize it briefly
・ Write down your achievements in special skills
・ Appeal how special skills can be used in future work
Behave amiably and show off your personality
One of the characteristics of people who audition is that they are amiable and polite. Everyone will be impressed by the people who treat not only the judges but also the staff around them with a smile, sincerity and politeness.
Possibly, opportunities and good stories may come in the future.

While you are in the building of the audition venue, always be aware that you are being judged. I don’t know where or who’s eyes are shining. The chances of failing are not zero because of bad manners and complaining.

There is a practical test in the second screening. In the practical test, it is more important to show your individuality and charm than to be good at singing and acting. If you always imagine how the organizers and judges will feel and what kind of people you are looking for, and if you are willing to seize the opportunity, you will be more likely to pass.

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