Do you need special skills? -Passed the audition by nobu88888

Do you need special skills? -Passed the audition

Do you need special skills? -Passed the audition

I can’t write special skills in the document screening! What should I do?
Do you need special skills? -The Road to Passing the Audition In order to apply for an audition, it is likely that you will first fill out and send a profile form. It can be said that it is a very important factor because it is possible to challenge the interview with the judge for the first time after passing this document examination.
The profile form has a column for accurately stating facts such as your photo, profile, and three sizes, and a column for you to write freely to convey your charm. It is a place called the so-called self-promotion column, but there are often questions such as “What are your special skills?” In areas such as sports and the arts, if you can do something different from others, writing it is enough to appeal, but most people don’t.
So, this time, I will introduce what special skills are essential for auditioning and what kind of special skills make a good impression.


The audition is not a special skill show!
When it comes to feats, it’s easy to think that you have to show off something that others can’t, but auditions aren’t the place to show off such special skills.
Depending on the path you want to take and the content of the audition you receive, such as an actress, a talent, a model, or a singer, it is unlikely that you couldn’t pass because you have no special skills to show off.
Whether or not you can pass the audition depends on whether you have the elements that are suitable for the human resources required by the organizer. Certainly, the feat may be an appealing point, but if it does not meet the intentions of the organizer, nothing may appear in the result.
Therefore, if you can’t really do it, but fill in a false feat, it will make the judges feel bad, so don’t do it. Rather, it is more meaningful and beneficial for you to make an effort to acquire special skills suitable for the audition you applied for.

Why is there a space to write special skills?
If you don’t need a feat to pass the audition, why is there a space to write a feat? You may be wondering.
Of course, if you have a unique feat that you can brag about, you can use it as a point to appeal to yourself even after your debut.
Other than that, the feat itself is not important, but what kind of practice you have done to master the feat, and how you have grown up as a person by mastering the feat. You can convey the process and personality of the person in an easy-to-understand manner.
Therefore, when showing off some special skill, it is possible not only to tell “I can do XX” but also to include episodes such as “I made such an effort to be able to do XX”. is important.
It may be said that showing off feats in auditions is for the judges to understand that if they have feats that they can be proud of in both sports and arts, they can continue to work positively.
So, conversely, any trivial feat will do as long as it conveys your positive humanity.
In the next section, we will introduce “special skills in the entertainment world”.

Even if you don’t have a qualification, you can call it a special skill.
Many people have the image that special skills are recognized as qualifications, such as 5th dan kendo or winning an art contest. However, in the case of auditions in the entertainment world, it is not necessarily recognized as a special skill without such qualifications.
For example, “I have a special skill to make everyone smile” is quite valid depending on the audition. However, just saying this word is not convincing. It is important to properly add specific and concise episodes.
In addition, being able to imitate the voices of animals and being good at magic tricks are also effective as feats that are easy to appeal on the spot.

The important thing is to show your individuality (individual voice)
It is said that people who can continue to play an active role in the world, even if their occupations are different, such as actresses, models, and voice actors, are people who have different sensibilities and personalities from other people. I will. In other words, a special skill in an audition in the entertainment world is a tool to show what kind of personality you have.
Therefore, rather than asking “What is your special skill?” And answering “No”, it is one way to announce things that allow you to demonstrate your individuality as a special skill. It may be good to master your hobbies and interests as special skills.
If you can’t think of it, look back on your daily life. For example, a part of your life, such as your love of cleaning or growing plants, can be fully demonstrated as a special skill depending on how you appeal.
Surprisingness is also an important factor. For example, when a young woman speaks rakugo, she may be seen as original, even if she isn’t technically very good, due to the gap in her appearance. This is an opportunity to appeal to yourself as a person, so please make effective use of it.

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