[Only 1% knows] Common points of people who audition by nobu88888

[Only 1% knows] Common points of people who audition

Four things in common with those who audition

What kind of woman will seize the opportunity in the audition and become a popular person?

I will tell you the “characteristics of people who are easy to audition” that can be understood only from the former industry people.

Difference in practice amount
Acting if you are an actress
If you are a talent, a character,
If you are a model, how to walk and behave
These are the elements required for each genre.
People who are easy to audition usually practice to improve these factors.

You are learning the technology to make yourself look good.

It is almost impossible to pass the audition without making any effort such as practice.
Occasionally, there are women who can make their debut with only talent, but only a few who are chosen by God.

Most of the people who pass the audition practice and show themselves in public.

Daily practice and the number of venues give you confidence.
It creates something like an aura and catches the eyes of the judges.

Girls who fall into auditions can say that they are still lacking in self-improvement.


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Prepared for work
In order to pass the audition, it is also important to have “preparation for work”.
Especially when you are in the early days when you cannot choose a job, you need to be prepared.
In the case of an actress, there is also shooting of wet areas.

In some cases, movie auditions are premised on showing nakedness.
Still, if you’re not prepared, it will be difficult to audition.

In the case of Yuriko Yoshitaka
He passed the audition and won the lead role in the movie “Snakes and Earrings”. Nude is also shown in the movie.
She was 20 at the time. It turns out that she is quite prepared.
Depending on the brand, even models may wear clothes that are almost naked, and it is a daily occurrence that you have to change clothes in front of everyone’s eyes.
If you are a talent, you will sometimes be laughed at and perform embarrassing tricks.

Industry person N
If you’re scared of these things, you’re not a pro!
Think of the audition as not only looking, but also preparing for work.

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Whether it is the person you want
It is also important that the person in the position of judging, such as a director, director, or producer, is the person who wants it.

This preparation is the technique for winning a pass, which accurately captures the desired image and faces the audition. You don’t just have to appeal to yourself.

In the advertising industry, you need to focus on market-in, not product-out.

For example, that Johnny’s also has the character image that Johnny’s office wants. It’s not just about being young and cool.

A boy with a look and character that matches Johnny’s office was selected, and he made his debut.

This is the same for auditions such as actresses and talents. It is required to match each role and position.

It is important to research and create in advance, not just to audition. If it’s a model, does it match the image of the magazine or brand?

Before you audition, do a thorough study of what your needs are.

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Not a mass production type
There are tons of pretty girls and beautiful women out there.

However, when such girls audition, they do not always pass and sell.

Just being cute and just being beautiful is not interesting from the user’s point of view.

When I was a producer and an office manager, I chose to see how unique I was.

The mass production type gets tired quickly. On the contrary, women with originality somehow sold and survived.

Recently, Twitter and Instagram are also becoming more important.
Girls who send out unique information on SNS are easy to notice.

The fact that there are more followers than other children is proof that it is not a mass production type by itself. No matter what kind of audition you take, it will be one of the appealing points.


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What to do to get an audition

Just waiting doesn’t give you a chance. It’s the same even if you just audition.
If you don’t prepare accordingly, you won’t be able to win your debut or big job.

Here are three things you need to do to get an audition.

Improving the appearance with orthodontics and cosmetic surgery
Even if the appearance isn’t everything, the impression of the audition also affects the judging. Especially for actresses and models, the importance of appearance is high.

Recently, the resolution of TV has increased, and the faces of the performers can be seen clearly. An increasing number of entertainers are actively performing plastic surgery and orthodontics in order to make them look like they can withstand it.

The plastic surgery rate for girls aiming for the entertainment world is also increasing.
Let’s take it for granted that you should look good and audition before your debut.

If you would like to know more about plastic surgery and orthodontics in the entertainment world, please check here as well.

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Increase the time spent on lessons
To increase the amount of practice, you have to secure time for that.
Furthermore, it will be difficult to win the audition without improving the quality of practice.

People who have belonged to offices, theater companies, training centers, etc. since childhood have been taking professional lessons all the time.

The only way to close the gap and win a role is to improve time and quality. It costs money to take lessons.

Nightwork, for example, would be an option when it comes to clearing both time and money.

If you work in a high-class club, you can make a lot of money in a short time. Moreover, the working hours are at night. Auditions and lessons are often held in the daytime, so it’s possible to achieve both.

In fact, many actresses and model eggs work in high-end clubs like Club Chick. This is because it is more convenient than a normal daytime part-time job. Working together will be inspiring. You may also be able to exchange information about auditions.

Get a lot of auditions
Auditions are places where you can demonstrate the results of your daily practice and lessons.

In other words, it’s production. Even if you can do it in practice, you may not be able to demonstrate your abilities in the actual performance due to tension and atmosphere.

It takes some getting used to to show yourself as you really are.
To get used to it, it’s quick to take a lot of auditions.

It also means expanding your chances. If you don’t receive it, you won’t even have the opportunity to get to know yourself. Even if it’s a small role, please apply for the audition and take on the challenge without choosing.

If it falls, think about “what went wrong”.
Find and overcome improvements and challenge the audition again! This repetition will help you grow.

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When auditioning for actresses and personalities, don’t be too enthusiastic.
If you force yourself, you will not be able to show yourself naturally.

It’s easier to get actress and talent auditions if you show yourself.
It’s important to do things that other people don’t do and show them “I’m such a person!”

Industry person N
Let’s introduce the episode of the actress who actually won the audition.
Juri Ueno Passed by showing off “ass character” at the morning drama audition
Keiko Kitagawa Passed by digging the potato version while sitting upright at the audition for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”
Masami Nagasawa Passed by saying “I will not dance” in the actual performance while her special skill is “jazz dance”
Mugi Kadowaki Take off your clothes and show off your nakedness at the audition of the movie and pass
Women who won the audition brilliantly by showing the difference from other people.
Somehow impact is important.

In terms of difference from other people, “connection” is also important.
I can’t say that it’s very obvious, but the power of connections is definitely working even in auditions.

For small jobs, auditioning on the recommendation of someone with some strength in the industry makes it relatively easy to accept.

In rare cases, behind the audition, the winners were decided by the connection. Making connections is also one of the techniques to win a pass in an audition.

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Here is a summary of the connections you need to make your debut in the entertainment world and survive.

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The audition is the battlefield.
Only a few can win and reach their debut.

Women who can pass also have a different personality than others.
Polishing it and demonstrating it in production is the secret that catches the eyes of the judges at the audition.

To do that, you need to get information and step on the number of venues.

Let’s take a different action for women who have fallen auditions!
It may give you new tips for passing.

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