Questions asked during an audition interview are not scary if you know 7 points by nobu88888

Questions asked during an audition interview are not scary if you know 7 points

Questions asked during an audition interview are not scary if you know 7 points

Are you excited and happy that you have passed the audition document screening? However, the joy is short-lived, and interviews are generally held at the next audition that is waiting for you, and many questions are asked in a limited amount of time. The result of the interview has a great influence on the result of the interview, so it is necessary to simulate and practice in advance.

So what kind of questions are asked during an audition interview? Therefore, this time, I will explain seven points about measures and trends related to audition interviews. After all, only those who have actually auditioned can know what kind of questions the interviewer will ask at that time, but knowing the points in advance will have a great advantage in passing the audition. Let’s do it.

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1 (1) Be sure to ask! ?? Motivation for audition
2 (2) Self-introduction / self-promotion
3 (3) People I respect and aim for
4 (4) Regarding what I wrote in my resume
5 (5) Future direction such as what kind of career you want to pursue and what kind of work you want to do
6 (6) Whether you are confident or enthusiastic
7 (7) What are you doing now?
7.1 If you are a minor, you will be asked for the consent of your family / parents
8 Summary of this time
(1) Be sure to ask! ?? Motivation for audition
Audition Interview Question
“Aspirational motives” are often asked at auditions. You may also be asked why you chose this audition among the many auditions.

If you’re auditioning for a training school, you’ll need to think about “why did you choose this training school?” The motivation for aspiring needs to be clear and concrete, and vague replies can make a bad impression.

It is necessary to grasp the characteristics of the training center / office to be received and clarify the reason, such as having a senior who is longing for it. In addition, the ideal content is “because it was attractive to be able to take lessons like XX”.

It would be concrete to add, for example, “(I saw the official website) I knew that I had a chance to make my debut twice a year” as the appeal of the office.

Here, it becomes necessary to convince the judges. You can also reply, “I’m longing for a teacher named Mr. XX, so I wanted to take a lesson.”

I often don’t know the name of the instructor, but sometimes the name is listed on the official website. Let’s check it carefully. The bad answer for aspiring is that everyone thinks, “I dreamed of becoming an entertainer,” “I like singing,” and “I longed for a model.”

With this, you cannot differentiate yourself from others. It’s fine if you just touch the cutout of the story, but don’t just dig deep into what you are interested in the entertainment world.

It may be called a rice cake drawn in a picture, but instead of talking endlessly about your dreams, let’s summarize what kind of motives you have, such as the reason for choosing this training center.

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(2) Self-introduction / self-promotion
Audition Interview Question
Self-introduction and self-promotion are often shown here and there even after debuting in the entertainment world, so I would like to keep in mind a simple and personalized self-introduction. It’s also the biggest chance to sell yourself, and it’s a good idea to think of it as your own commercial.

There are some things that don’t come to mind when it comes to self-introduction, but when you think of it as your own commercial, don’t you think “I see!” It would be nice if there were special skills that could be shown, but in reality, self-introduction is not a special skill show.

So even if you can’t show it on the spot, you won’t be depressed. I think that there is a place to describe in your resume what your special skill is in advance, so I would like to make sure that it matches.

If you have a fixed routine for spending weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays, you may want to introduce such a thing. You can write various things just by making this the theme.

Make sure to take a half-body bath on Saturday
Refresh the week with cleaning and washing
Go shopping or take a walk
I check twice so that I don’t forget anything at school
You can write as many special skills as you like. Let’s not lie. If you tell a lie, you will get caught somewhere.

It is a good idea to introduce yourself and promote yourself so that you can give a good impression. Even if it is normal for you, you can add value depending on how you introduce it, and you can differentiate yourself from others.

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(3) People who respect / aim
Audition Interview Question
Whether there is someone to respect
Is there a celebrity to aim for?
This is also often heard in auditions. The intent of this question is because you want to know what direction you are heading.

So, rather than respecting, I’m often asked about the process of why I came to respect. Let’s summarize what kind of things you respect.

For example, in an interview with a magazine, if the entertainer stated his passion for work, he said, “I longed for an attitude of high enthusiasm for work and strong professionalism,” he said, not on the outside but on the inside. It would be better.

If you can’t think of someone you admire in particular, it’s a good idea to do some research on the artist who is singing your favorite song and try to tie it to your aspirations.

It would be natural to connect it with “I can be energized by listening to this song, so I want to be an artist like XX who can inspire others.” Again, there is no need to force the name of the senior in the office.

Even if you raise a person you lie and respect with a sticker blade, it will be worn out. Of course, it’s okay if you have someone in your office that you respect honestly, but most of the time it’s not. If you’re curious, you might get a better impression if you say “I’m from another office …” before introducing someone you admire.

(4) Regarding what I wrote in my resume
Audition Interview Question
What’s written on your resume is an easy sign to hear. So it’s a good idea to keep a copy of what you wrote on your resume.

If you have a lot of auditions, you may get mixed up with other auditions, start talking about different resumes, and give confusing answers.

Make a good copy of what kind of resume you sent to which office. This is also steady, but it can be said to be one of the tips because you can simulate by reading back your resume before the interview.

If you enter specific numbers and episodes, it will be communicated to the judges more accurately. It’s a good idea to include specific numbers such as “I go to the cinema three times a month” and “I started learning the piano at the age of 5 and showed it at a recital once a year”.

In addition to swimming, which is a lot of lessons, “I went to the tournament when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school and gave special training to it, but I lost at the last minute and ended up in 2nd place.” “I was very disappointed, but I was able to change my mind immediately. “It is also good to emphasize your mental strength and your dedication to your goals.

(5) Future direction such as what kind of career you want to pursue and what kind of work you want to do
Audition Interview Question
Here, we will answer concretely the work and direction you want to do. Using the entertainer you admire as an example, you should answer concretely, such as “Mr. XX looks very good at turning lines when acting. I want to do such a job.”

If you are interested in fashion and want to become a model, you can appeal to the model you want to be, along with your usual coordination and what you are careful about in skin care.

Here, it is important to convey clear goals and directions, such as wanting to be a fashion model, but wanting to challenge the swimsuit feature of fashion magazines, but not wanting to do gravure if possible.

There seems to be guts to say “I will do anything!”, But from the beginning, it may be perceived that there is no specific goal, so avoid it.

Of course, when you’re new to the entertainment world, it’s important to be hungry and try different things, but in interviews, the word “I’ll do anything” doesn’t stick to the judges. Let’s appeal specifically what you want to do and what you can do to keep your enthusiasm.

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(6) Whether you are confident or enthusiastic
Audition Interview Question
The interview shows the enthusiasm and hard work you put into your work. This is because once you start working, you need to be professional. There may be some mistakes in the beginning, but as you repeat, you will get better.

Therefore, it is necessary to have mental strength that cannot be overwhelmed by a slight failure. If you are not mentally strong, you will not be able to survive in this world.

Your passion for work is up to you, so it all depends on your potential. It is also seen whether the personality is bright. It is advantageous to have a bright personality.

Occasionally, there are talents who sell negative thoughts, but it seems that they usually tend to think that they should leave the work to someone with a bright personality.

Ideally, you should be able to do a job that makes you want to aim for what you are doing. If you want to comedy, you need to be more energetic.

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(7) What are you doing now?
Audition Interview Question
Another thing that is easy to ask is “I’m doing my best now”. The accumulation of the present will build you in the future. So, let’s be able to answer “Hakihaki” about what you are doing right now.

It can be something familiar to you, “be sure to do it before you train your abs”, or imitate the entertainer you admire (practice of dialogue).

You can also say, “I am careful about a healthy diet to maintain my body shape.” Think carefully about what you are particularly focusing on right now.

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If you are a minor, you will be asked for the consent of your family / parents.
Audition Interview Question
If you are a minor, you will need parental consent before you can pass the audition and sign a contract. In addition, it is stipulated by law that the consent of a parent or guardian is required because it is necessary to support and understand parents and family members in order to play an active role as an entertainer.

In some cases, you may need to travel by bullet train. You may be absent from school. Even though I’m still a student, the schedule is set up according to my work.

Forging a consent form without the consent of the parent will cause trouble later. Be sure to get the consent of your parents before applying. If you are opposed and auditioned, clearly state that you are opposed.

The office may call the parents to persuade them to cooperate. But keep in mind that the basics are to persuade yourself.

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