The decisive difference between those who audition and those who fail by nobu88888

The decisive difference between those who audition and those who fail

Who will be auditioned?
I wonder why it will be accepted ~

just like this,
People who are in trouble
I think there are many.

“Looks cute
Is it because it’s cool? ”
You will think that.

On the contrary, recently
Other than that, cute girls are dropped
Only children who are not as cute as I expected remain

Isn’t it just looks?
Often auditions.

But when that happens
“Where are you looking and choosing?”
I think.

Of course, there are many factors,

This time, with the person who wins the pass
The decisive difference between those who fail
I would like to talk about.


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1 Zubari! What are the characteristics of people who can pass the audition?
1.1 1: The attitude of successful applicants required by the office
1.2 One attitude changes the eyes of the judges
1.3 2: Correct the goal point
1.4 3: Change the path to reach the highest ideals
2 Summary: The most important thing in an audition
Zubari! What are the characteristics of people who can pass the audition?

With you knowing this difference
Do you want to audition?
Depending on whether it is not

Evaluation for you
It changes a lot

If the evaluation changes,
Big for you
It also leads to confidence.

vice versa,
“It’s the same with or without such a difference!”
“Anyway, only good-looking kids are accepted.”

If you think
Please read this article by all means

Now you have a chance
That there is
I want you to be confident.

1: The attitude of successful applicants required by the office
First, at the audition
For those who accept and those who do not
The difference is
It’s different from the basic idea in the first place.

That said
“After fixing the fundamental idea
You don’t know the judges, right? ”

Some people may think that.

In fact, it’s easy to understand.

The reason is that the judges

Hundreds and thousands
Look at the audition
What kind of people are actually accepted
I know

To the human resources who actually received it
Someone who has something close
I will pass it again.

One of them is that you can’t tell from just the looks
“Enthusiasm,” “brilliance of eyes,” and “honest attitude” are also closely related.

However, even if these three points are played only on the day
It will definitely be detected.

With people who actually pass from the mind
Those who have the same
Not only on the day

Because it is made on a daily basis
The judges also somehow get through.

So what is that attitude?
“Passing is not the goal”
Is the idea.


Eh … that’s the pass or fail of the audition
What’s involved? ??

I was wondering about this page
The person who wanted to close!

I affirm that it is still early to close.

By the way, this attitude is
For those who are not overwhelmingly beautiful men and women
I will talk to you.

Even if not, for auditions
For those who want to pass
Because it ’s really important

Please read ahead a little.

One attitude changes the eyes of the judges
To pass the audition
It’s a goal for me!
I often see people who say that.

・ I want to accept Ken-On!
・ I want to accept FLAMme!
・ I want to get a top coat!
・ Anyway, it can be anywhere
I have to enter the office!

Are you thinking about this?

This idea is exactly
Pass the audition

Entered the entertainment world! (= Goal)
This is a typical example of a person who thinks.

To pass the audition
What I think is the goal
It’s a very dangerous idea.

This is like taking an exam
I think you can understand it very well.

2: Correct the goal point
For example, in college entrance exams
“I want to pass Aoyama Gakuin University!”
Suppose someone thinks.


Many people go to Aoyama Gakuin University
I think I will study to go.

But actually
Many of the people who attend Aoyama Gakuin
With non-slip protection at Waseda University and the University of Tokyo
Most of the people who received it

Those who worked hard with Aoyama Gakuin as their first choice

To a university at a lower level
Most people accept it.

And this is
It’s the same at the audition.

You are now
I want to accept
Suppose you have an audition.

And necessary for it
Suppose you have an element.

At this time, many people
“The tendency of people who are auditioning is
It’s like this, so if I can be like this
Will you accept it? ”

I try to make an effort.

But in reality
The person who belongs to the office

Achievements that are located at a higher level
It is often the case that you have specs.

In other words, you
“For this audition
I may accept it too. ”
Even if you think

The possibility of actually receiving it
Much more than you think
It’s low.

What is needed to prevent such itself

The idea is to “correct the goal point”.

In the case of the previous exam,

“If you want to enter Aoyama Gakuin University,
It starts with studying the same as Waseda students. ”

May be equal to

At the audition you want to take
To get a solid pass
Because it is the most necessary idea
Let’s definitely remember.

The required study subjects for studying for entrance exams
I’m thinking about something.

3: Change the path to reach the highest ideal
Change the goal point! When
Even if you think, the entertainment world
We publish the criteria for accepting and not accepting
Not that, so I think it’s difficult.

So, this time, let ’s think about it.
I will talk.

One is achievements and experience.

You want to accept
Than the audition

The rank seems to be one step higher
I received the audition
Find a person.

What kind of reception does that person have?
What kind of achievements and experience you had

Temporarily, some achievements
Even if you don’t have it

The reputation of the person when he was at school, etc.
All the information on the net
Is to absorb.

The second is the person’s looks (style)
Let’s also see what kind of body it is.

This is also very important.

How professional you are
You can see in one shot whether to adopt it.

And finally, the personality of that person
Let’s see.

What kind of personality is said to be
What kind of personality do you feel
Where does it come from, etc.

Find out everything you can look up.

If you can check everything,

At that time, your professionalism
It should have already gone up one step.

Summary: The most important thing in an audition
With people who can pass the audition
The characteristics of people who fall
I’ve told you each,

After all, what are the characteristics of both?
Those who are studying are strong.

No matter how good the looks
How to receive and the law of those who can pass
If you don’t know it, it will be difficult to pass.

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