The secret to passing the audition! Tips for judging from the characteristics of the recipient by nobu88888

The secret to passing the audition! Tips for judging from the characteristics of the recipient

The secret to passing the audition! From the characteristics of the recipient to the tips of the examination
Auditions are inevitable as a gateway to the entertainment world of singers, voice actors, and idols. If you can pass an audition for a major entertainment agency or entertainment production, your chances of becoming a top-notch actor or talent will increase.

Those who pass the audition are said to have common characteristics. Also, in order to pass the audition, it is important to devise and devise countermeasures.

Therefore, this time, I will explain the characteristics of those who pass the audition and the tips for receiving it.
What are the characteristics of those who pass the audition?
People from all over the country who want to become entertainers gather at the audition. Since the applicants on the spot are aspiring talents, it can be said that they are all excellent in appearance to some extent. Of those people, only those who sometimes win hundreds of times can be successful.

In such an audition, the only screening point you can pass is to make the office think you want it. First of all, I will explain the characteristics of people who “want” to the entertainment agency.
There is “individuality” that other people do not have
Each entertainment agency has its own color. However, we do not always pass only the same type of personnel who match the color of the office. The more talents you belong to in a major agency, the more different types of talents you belong to.

The human resources that are commonly sought after in any office have a strong personality that no one else has. Even if you are good at singing and acting, it will be difficult to pass if you resemble an existing talent. Rather, even if you are not good at singing or acting, those who can feel the growth are more likely to pass.

If you have a personality or feat that is unlike anyone else, that alone is a step towards passing. If you feel that you have a personality that no one else has, try to develop that personality. If there is nothing, it is important to find individuality first for differentiation.
Cheerful, energetic and able to talk to Hakihaki
Those who pass the audition will speak with confidence, cheerfully, cheerfully and without fear from the first self-introduction. Some people get nervous and their voices get quieter in public, but if you become an entertainer, you will have the opportunity to speak in front of a larger number of people or live on TV.

If you are nervous in front of the judges when you audition for the office you want, you can’t win on a bigger stage. Then, future aptitude will be questioned.

It’s a good idea to practice regularly so that you can reply loudly when your name is called. In that case, it is also recommended to simulate while looking in the mirror so that you will have a natural smile.
You can work with a strong curiosity
A person with strong curiosity is one who has aspirations and can work hard. Those who are interested in anything learn and absorb many things from the smallest things.
The entertainment world is a world where you are constantly required to improve your skills. Those who are willing to learn try to learn what they need. The attitude of self-learning and curiosity about things are very important factors in the entertainment world.

If you pass and belong to the office, it is not the end, but rather you will need more effort after you belong. There are many cases where you are satisfied just by belonging and struggle because you are not blessed with a good job even if you make your debut as a result of neglecting your efforts.
Anyone who is curious and can work hard will be able to enjoy and endure any difficult situation. The judges are also checking the inside of such applicants.
Have a greedy spirit of challenge
It’s important to convey your enthusiasm for how much you want to be in the office so that the judges in the office will want it. It can be said that those who pass the exam are also characterized by the fact that the amount of energy they want to enter the office overwhelms others.

When you belong to an office, you may get unexpected jobs. Even in such a case, the office is looking for someone who has the greedy spirit and determination to take on the challenge. Strong enthusiasm and determination to take on any job will move the judges.

Motivation and enthusiasm have the power to win the hearts of people. Even if you audition with half-hearted feelings, the judges will find out.

Tips for passing the auditions for the first and second screenings
The audition does not have an interview from the beginning, but there is a primary screening before the interview. Most of the first screening is only document screening, and resumes and photos are subject to screening. In the second screening, practical skills screening and interviews such as acting ability, singing ability, and dance will be conducted.

The actual audition is the second screening, and the first screening is only the passing point up to that point. However, if you do not pass the primary document screening, you cannot proceed to the secondary, so it is important to devise countermeasures from the primary.

From here, I will explain the profile picture and resume, points to be noted in interviews and practical skills, and tips to appeal well.
Devise a profile picture and resume
If it’s a photo to put on your part-time job resume, it’s okay if it’s clean and refreshing. But be aware that audition photos are completely different from part-time resume photos.

Hundreds and thousands of photos will arrive at the audition. Among them, if the photo has no eye-catching impact, it is highly likely that it will be thrown away without being read by the resume.

It is important that the audition photo is a photo that conveys your appeal and personality at a glance. Please note the following points when shooting.
◎ Two pieces of bust up and whole body
◎ Be sure to shoot from the front
◎ It is strictly forbidden to pose strangely, such as twisting your body or raising your hands or legs.
◎ No make-up or natural make-up
◎ Show your forehead and shoot with a natural smile
◎ Wear clothes that show your body line
◎ Purikura and processing apps are prohibited

The important thing in your resume is to briefly describe your aspirations and feats that will appeal to the judges. At the same time as your enthusiasm for joining the office you want, let’s convey the benefits that will be given to the office if you do.

◎ Write the reason for applying for the desired office
・ Write down the differences from other offices
・ Investigate the human resources required by the office in advance and state your strengths in that regard.
◎ Focus on one special skill and summarize it briefly
・ Write down your achievements in special skills
・ Appeal how special skills can be used in future work
Behave amiably and show off your personality
One of the characteristics of people who audition is that they are amiable and polite. Everyone will be impressed by the people who treat not only the judges but also the staff around them with a smile, sincerity and politeness.
Possibly, opportunities and good stories may come in the future.

While you are in the building of the audition venue, always be aware that you are being judged. I don’t know where or who’s eyes are shining. The chances of failing are not zero because of bad manners and complaining.

There is a practical test in the second screening. In the practical test, it is more important to show your individuality and charm than to be good at singing and acting. If you always imagine how the organizers and judges will feel and what kind of people you are looking for, and if you are willing to seize the opportunity, you will be more likely to pass.

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