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To pass the model audition

To pass the model audition

“I want to be a model”
“I want to appear on the cover of my favorite magazine someday”
“I want to appear in a famous fashion show”

Are you looking into model auditions for that dream?

There are various types of model auditions, and the points you receive and what you do will vary depending on the audition.

Here, we will introduce the types of model auditions and the way to their debut, so please refer to them.


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1. What is a model?
2. Audition flow
3. Model audition holding information
4. Summary
1-1. What is a model?
There are two main types of models.

Model type
1. Reader model
2. Professional model

Let’s take a closer look at how the two differ.

1. Reader model
To become an actress

It is widely called “reading mode” by the general public,
I usually shoot in my spare time, such as students and office ladies.

Basically, the main job of reader models is to shoot magazines, but when they become popular, they sometimes appear in fashion shows.

Of course, there are no managers or stylists, so most of the expenses such as transportation, accommodation, and costumes are self-sufficient.

The mainstream of reader models is to apply from the “Reader model recruitment” column, which is recruited in magazines.

Unexpected people such as popular models Ranko Kanbe and Moe Oshikiri, actresses Yoshino Kimura and Rei Dan are also from reader models.

2. Professional model
Actress audition

Professional models belong to offices and modeling agencies, auditioning while receiving management, and getting work through the office.

First of all, it is common to make a debut in a magazine, and those who are said to be “selling models” have jobs such as the cover of major magazines and brand advertising, and their job is to play an active role as an advertising tower for products.

There are opportunities to get on track at the right time and appear in TV commercials and large-scale fashion shows, but the most important point is that what you want to do and the policy of the office match.

1-2. To become a model

There are many types of models, not just those mentioned above, but there are generally two ways to become a model.

1. Audition
2. Belong to the office

The following sections explain each method.

1. Audition
There are two main types of auditions:

① Venue type audition

It is a large-scale audition such as the grand prix system that is often held in the planning of major offices and magazines.

If you win a prize or a grand prix, you will receive a prize, and you will receive management and promotion from a specific office / agency.

We are approaching our debut at once, such as promises to appear in famous fashion shows, but due to its large size, it will be a narrow gate because there are tens of thousands of rivals.

② Exclusive model audition

Some magazines are recruited from time to time, but we will hold a large-scale exclusive model audition as a project within the magazine.

The winner is often decided by the reader’s vote, and if you win or win, it will be directly linked to the magazine’s exclusive model.

The result depends on how you can express and appeal to yourself with photos, and the more popular the magazine, the higher the competition rate.

2. Enter the modeling agency
There are two main ways to belong to an office.

① Audition

This audition is sponsored by a modeling agency and a modeling agency.

If you pass, you can receive backup, management and lessons from the office.

② Scout

Many famous models have entered the world of modeling as scouts.

Many people are scouted in central Tokyo such as Harajuku, Shibuya 109, and Ikebukuro, but it’s hard to get a chance to talk to them.

When it comes to scouts
“10 things to watch out for to avoid being fooled by talent agency scouts”
Please refer to it as it is introduced in.

If you want to know more about the model office,
“List of modeling agencies | 3 points you should know before being deceived”
Please refer to the.

To become a professional model, you need to audition anyway.

Rather than suddenly taking a large audition or a major office, it may be better to start by taking walking lessons and gradually gaining experience.

2. Model audition flow
Model audition

Here, we will introduce the main flow of auditions and the points you should be aware of when auditioning.

2-1. Audition flow
Model auditions generally take the following three steps.

Audition flow
① Primary examination ・ ・ ・ Document examination

② Secondary examination ・ ・ ・ Venue examination (interview, posing, etc.)

③ Third screening ・ ・ ・ Camera test

I will explain in order.

① Primary examination ・ ・ ・ Document examination

There are many things to write about, such as height, weight, three sizes, and PR fields, but in most cases, the pass or fail is decided by the photo.

Regarding self-promotion of resume,
“How to write self-promotion | Three ways to get closer to passing with just one writing method”
Please refer to the detailed introduction in.

② Secondary examination ・ ・ ・ Venue examination (interview, posing, etc.)

Posing and interviewing.

Often it is a group interview, and the judging criteria are based on special skills, the individuality of the person, and the character.

Regarding self-promotion of auditions,

“Three points to make a self-promotion to pass the audition”

Please refer to the detailed introduction in.

③ Third screening ・ ・ ・ Camera test

Shooting will be done by the shooting staff at the actual site.

We will check the responsiveness of the site, the camera image, and whether the pose suits the fashion, and check the suitability as the final model.

2-2. Three points to be aware of in auditions
Model audition

Even if you decide to audition and know what you’re going to do, you’re worried if you don’t know the criteria for passing.

Here are three main criteria for passing a model audition.

Audition pass criteria
① Do you have the qualities of a model?
② Impress with “eyes”
③ Manners as a member of society

I will explain in order.

① Do you have the qualities of a model?

The point of passing, which is a major premise, is the quality as a model.

And the main qualities and elements required for the model are as follows.

・ Body shape (skeleton)

Of course, it looks beautiful, but above all, it is important whether it looks good when you wear the product (clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, etc.) and whether you have the expressive power to maximize the goodness of the product. I will come.

It’s a good idea to study how to pose and make facial expressions by watching videos from magazines and fashion shows.

② Impress with “eyes”

The elements required for the model have been explained above, but the most important part for the model is the “eyes”.

Judges look at the person with their “eyes,” as it is said that “the eyes speak as much as the mouth.”

Of course, it is a major premise that the style is good and beautiful, but unfortunately it fails for those who are beautiful but have hollow eyes or are sloppy.

Look closely at the other person’s eyes, and you can feel a strong will but not too strong. It is a difficult place, but at least be careful not to swim your eyes.

③ Manners as a member of society

Many staff, including photographers and stylists, work as models.

Everyone wants to work with people who have a good impression, not just in the world of models.

Let’s challenge the audition while paying attention to the manners, courtesy and attitude that are commonplace as a member of society.

2-3. Anxiety points that you want to eliminate by the audition
CM audition

When you see the passing criteria for auditions, the next thing to worry about is how to eliminate your anxiety.

We have summarized the many concerns about auditioning and how to solve them in a Q & A format.

Q: What should I do with photos?

A: It is common to prepare two photos, a face photo and a full-body photo, and it is best to wear something that clearly shows the body line, shorts, and a miniskirt so that you can clearly see the proportions.

Makeup is NG for excessive makeup.
Natural make-up that is close to no makeup is the best, and let’s avoid getting hair on your face.

It doesn’t matter whether you take it yourself or at a photo shop, but in any case, it should be clearly visible and should not be processed.

Q: What should I talk about in self-promotion?

A: Show off your charm.
Since the self-introduction is written in some documents, let’s appeal the talents such as singing, dancing and acting, and the skills that are useful for selling yourself such as speaking English and French.

The judges are looking to see if they can do anything with confidence and without being shy.
Let’s publicize it openly.

How to make a self-promotion that passes the audition
“Three points to make a self-promotion to pass the audition”
Please refer to it as it is introduced in.

Q: Is it okay to keep my current weight?

A: I think there are many people who have this problem, but the emphasis is on overall balance rather than weight!

Weight is an important factor in model screening criteria.
But unless you’re clearly over the model weight for your height, the weight numbers don’t really matter.

Regularly train and massage to maintain your proportions.

Also, what kind of body shape and style you are looking for depends on the audition you are going to take.

First of all, let’s make an effort to get closer by looking at the conditions we are looking for and the model to which we belong.

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