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What is a model audition?

What is a model audition?

Many people, both now and in the past, will say “model” when asked what profession a woman once longs for.
Even if you say a model in a nutshell, there are various work contents, such as a steel model with an impressive appearance of deciding various poses in a fashion magazine, and a show model with a cool appearance of walking on the runway at a fashion show. In addition, men’s models have become a popular profession these days.
So how do you become a model?
Here, we will introduce the work contents of the model, the skills required for the model, and the model audition.

To audition application form

What is a model job?
To put it simply, the job of a model is to make a product look attractive. For advertisements using fashion magazines and photographs, still photography is the main method. On the other hand, when you appear in commercials such as on TV or the Internet, you need to move, so you need to pay attention to facial expressions and acting ability if there are lines.
You can say that you are a professional model if you can control whether you should move forward or make the product stand out according to the image of the product that the client company wants to sell, with facial expressions and poses.

How to become a model?

It doesn’t mean that you need to have a good face and style to be a model. In the modeling industry, good face and style are considered to be a major premise, and in order to be selected among them, it is important to polish the parts other than appearance and have individuality. For example, if you want to be a model for a high-brand show, good walking is a very important factor because it is directly linked to your work.
Also, if you want to become a model that will be active in TV programs in the future, you will also need to improve your talk skills.
When it comes to learning these skills alone, you may end up with a rush without knowing what to start with, and in the end, only time has passed. If you want to acquire the skills necessary to become a professional model, we recommend that you learn a solid foundation at the training center.

How do I acquire the skills to make my debut?
To acquire the necessary skills for a model, you can go to a school that teaches walking or go to a training school in an entertainment agency to take lessons.
If you go to school, you may have to specialize in a specific technique, so you need to choose carefully. In that respect, the training center of the entertainment agency has lessons on a wide range of techniques, and you will be able to grow while working hard with people who are aiming for the entertainment world in various fields.

The road to passing the audition
Model auditions, unlike actor and talent auditions, will be style-oriented. However, it seems that there are some points in common with the auditions of actors and talents. The most important of these are posture and eyes. Even if you appeal the good style, if you have a bad posture, it tends to give a dark impression. It is said that the strength and self-confidence of the person’s will appears in the eyes. It is also important to train the facial muscles around the eyes and to strengthen the mentality in order to improve the eyesight.
If you can appeal that you have a refreshing atmosphere and a strong will, you will be one step closer to passing the model audition.

How to write a profile
A well-written profile will be your greatest weapon in the entertainment world.
AVILLA STAGE gives you a special profile sheet, so
Make good use of the paper and appeal to yourself.
When writing a profile, it can be surprisingly smooth if you feel like you are a judge.
Make sure that your personal information (name, address, age, contact information) is correct. Even if you pass the exam, if the contact information is incorrect, the office staff will be in trouble. Please fill it out carefully.
Write the correct numbers and information for your height, weight, date of birth, etc.
How to write self-promotion
Self-promotion is always heard in auditions in the entertainment world. Here, it is important to maximize your appeal. Hobbies and special skills are items that examiners often see, so it is a good idea to write down the club activities and lessons you have done so far, and your past experiences such as club activities and part-time jobs. It is also good to write your own charm points and things that you think you will not lose to others.

How to take a photo
At AVILLA STAGE, the photo to be attached to the profile will be taken in the studio of the office on the day of the audition.
We will take two patterns, a full-body photo and a bust-up photo, so it is recommended that you practice the poses and facial expressions that will appeal to you in advance. In the photo, clothes are just as important as facial expressions. Loose clothes can make your style look bad, so it’s important to think about your clothes on the day in advance.

The image of the person required for the model
What comes to mind when you think of a model is that you are tall, have a good style, and have long limbs.
If you don’t have these, you can’t be a model, but that’s not the case.
In recent years, fashion magazines have featured people of various styles, including people of average height, people of short stature, and people with chubby bodies. A model who has her own personality as her greatest attraction and who has a fashion that suits herself is a person who can give familiarity to the viewer and makes me think “I want to be like this!”
What is important for a model person is to have a firm grasp of yourself, to know yourself by looking at yourself, to gain confidence, and to acquire a “personality” that cannot be imitated by others.

What you see in the model audition
The point when looking at aspiring models is whether or not you can send yourself. Recently, there are many models who send out today’s fashion coordination and makeup points through SNS. In audio-visual, we check the ability to transmit through self-promotion. But don’t worry about it. By speaking about yourself in your own words, you can understand the character. Let’s start by communicating ourselves cheerfully and cheerfully.

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