What kind of audition is there in the model audition? by nobu88888

What kind of audition is there in the model audition?

What kind of audition is there in the model audition?

The job of a model who is active in the glamorous world. I think there are many men and women who say, “I’m longing for it!” When you see yourself in a nice costume and standing on a glittering stage, you’ll feel like “someday, too!”

By the way, in order to take the first step as such a model, we recommend that you first participate in the entertainment audition. If the talent and charm of the entertainment audition are recognized, the subsequent study and work flow may proceed smoothly.

When you participate in an entertainment audition with the aim of becoming a model, what kind of screening is being done? Before you enter the audition, here are some points that you may be wondering about.

“Photograph” is important for document screening

There are several types of auditions that you can challenge when aiming for a model.

・ Reader model audition
・ Exclusive model audition
・ Performing arts audition to belong to a modeling agency

Of these, the reader model audition is the most open to the general public. In each magazine, we will carry out activities for a certain period of time with the stance of “a model closer to the reader’s position”.

Even with the same magazine model, the exclusive model audition is more difficult. In many cases, those who already have the ability as a model will pass, and the higher the name of the magazine, the higher the magnification.

As a model, I want to work while steadily stepping up! If you think so, choose an audition to belong to a modeling agency. There are various modeling agencies, large and small, so it is important to audition for an office that is close to the model image you intended.

In entertainment auditions, it is common to start with document screening. The documents for the first screening have columns for writing various information such as self-promotion and aspirations, but keep in mind that the most important thing is the “photograph”.

The points of photography that make it easier to pass the document screening are as follows.

・ Avoid dark makeup
・ Shoot in a relaxed state
・ Photos taken with a smartphone or mobile phone are NG
・ Wear clothes that understand your style
・ Prepare the photo as specified

In the document screening of model auditions, the most important thing is “photographing”. Speaking of models, there are many cases where they are active in magazines. “What it looks like in a photo” is more likely to be checked more severely than other auditions.

In order to pass the document screening, you first need to be fascinated by photos. The outfit, makeup, and facial expressions should be natural. And when it comes to the quality and technique of your photos, try to make yourself look as beautiful as possible.

It is also a very important point to “apply according to the specified rules”. Some people ignore the rule, saying, “I want to convey my personality with a photo,” but this causes a failure.

Please follow the rules and apply in order to emphasize that you have good manners as a member of society and that you can understand what you are told.

“Individuality” and “character” are important for venue screening

In most cases, if you can pass the document screening, the venue screening will be conducted next. The personnel left over from the document screening will be collected in one place and checked by the people involved in the modeling agency and auditions.

The number of applicants remaining at this point is still large. This is because it is natural for the audition organizer to think, “Because we are gathering people, if there are any points of concern in the document screening, we would like to see them once.”

However, the number of people that can be seen in one audition is limited. For this reason, many auditions have introduced “group screening” in the secondary screening.

For better or worse, such as posing and interviewing, you will be “compared to other members in the group”, so you need to find your own charm that can appeal to a large number of people.

In interviews, applicants are often asked various questions.

・ Why did you participate in the audition?
・ What kind of model do you want to be in the future?
・ About your strengths and weaknesses
・ Why did you decide to become a model?
・ About enthusiasm for future work

When you hear “I will give you personality in the interview”, I have to prepare a strange answer! Some people may be impatient. However, do not confuse “individuality” with “evil conspicuity.” There are people who can naturally show their individuality just by answering ordinary things, and it is this type that is easy to pass the audition.

I want to convey my personality and character! When you think about it, you should be aware of the following tips and attitudes.

・ Look at the eyes of the person you are talking to
・ Be confident in your behavior and words
・ Communicate your thoughts in your own words

It is said that “eye power” is important to play an active role as a model.

In addition, the work of the model will show off the attractiveness of the clothes and brands that you have worn with a dignified attitude. If you show an unconfident attitude during the interview, you may be judged that “model work will be difficult”.

It is also important to practice in advance in order to deal with any questions in a dignified manner without rushing. In addition to posing and walking as a model, standing behavior and how to show clothes, please also stick to “expressing your thoughts clearly” and prepare for the audition.

After the second round, the number of people remaining in the audition will be significantly reduced. If you get here, the audition is one step further. However, the items judged in this third screening are probably the most abstract and difficult.

A camera test is conducted in the entertainment audition and the third screening to become a model. We will check the applicants’ qualities as a model using actual staff and cameras.

In order to play an active role as a model, there are many cases where external elements such as facial features and good style are required. Many people think of “a model is a tall and beautiful person.” The reality is that people with these characteristics are more likely to pass a model audition.

However, there are cases where you can pass the audition even if you do not have the physical characteristics of a model. If you can feel the individuality, facial expression, and “something” required of the model, you will be more likely to pass the final examination.

To take the first step as a model

If you have a vague desire to become a model right now, it’s best to actively participate in the audition. There is also a “scout” method for belonging to a modeling agency, but only a limited number of people actually catch the eye of the people in the office. If you participate in the audition yourself, you will increase the possibilities with your own hands as many as you participate.

Until you attend the audition for the first time, you will have a lot of confusion and anxiety. Also, even if you actually participate in the audition, there may be occasions when you say, “I could hardly convey my charm …”. However, this is also one of the very important experiences. The more you acquire the knowledge about auditions, the more you will be able to see “how can you convey your charm more”.

This time, we have introduced the items that are particularly important in the model audition examination. In reality, there are differences in the “desired model image” for each office that holds the audition. When participating in an audition, it is also recommended to check “what kind of human resources the office holding the audition is looking for” and then change the appeal point.

Belonging to the office is the first step to becoming a model. Please try the audition.

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