Those who pass the movie audition have their own characteristics!

Those who pass the movie audition have their own characteristics!

Those who pass the movie audition have their own characteristics!

Various movie auditions are held all over the country every year, but I think there are many people who just failed the results even though they applied for it. It depends on the person, such as those who have taken perfect measures for the audition, those who have taken appropriate measures, and those who applied for the audition with almost no measures. However, if the selection continues so far, the characteristics of the people who will be auditioned will be worrisome. So this time, I would like to introduce the characteristics of the people who audition. Some people are worried or wondering if auditions are related to their appearance such as face and body shape, but are they really related?

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Characteristics of people who pass the first screening
Characteristics of people who pass the second screening
Is your face or body shape relevant?
Those who audition are always positive
Characteristics of people who pass the first screening
Profile photo
I think that I often prepare two photos of the bust-up and the whole body for the audition photo. In a bust-up photo, be sure to take a picture from the front from the tip of your head to your chest, and twist your body so that you do not make an angle. I also like the facial expressions and skin quality, so be sure to raise or separate your hair so that you can see your forehead, and shoot with a natural smile. You don’t have to worry about dentition and acne.
In the case of a full-body photo, be sure to take it from the front so that it fits in the frame from the tip of your head to the toes of your feet. There is no problem if the pose is just to cross the legs, but excessive poses will cause failure. Not only photo processing apps, but also photo booths are prohibited. If you are a woman, use no make-up or natural make-up. It is common sense to always wear clothes that show your body line.
In addition, the make-up for audition is explained in the following linked article.
Reference: There is makeup for auditions! [Makeup rules]

Motivation / self-appeal
If you prepare a photo that catches the eyes of the judges, the next thing you need is a desire motive and self-promotion that will appeal to the judges. The motivation for aspiring is to write why you applied for the office you want to belong to, but at the same time, while explaining the differences from other offices, let’s write down the strengths after you belong. Not only longing for “because XX belongs”, but also check in advance what kind of human resources the office is looking for.
In self-promotion, do not write long sentences, but focus on one special skill and summarize it concretely and concisely. It will be easier for the judges to imagine what kind of achievements they have made in the past and what kind of situations they have been useful in, if you enter numbers. In addition, sentences like him that make you imagine the future, such as where you can make use of your special skills after belonging to the office, are also important self-promotion.
The method of passing the first screening is explained in the article linked below.
Reference: [Shortcut to pass] How to pass the audition document screening?

Characteristics of people who pass the second screening
Don’t be late
As you can see from any site, one of the characteristics of people who audition is “people who are not late”. People who really have dreams and goals in the first place cannot be late unless there is a good reason. Being late is a matter of course because it is judged that the person lacks motivation, seriousness, and sincerity.
In the entertainment industry, staff, photographers, and many other stakeholders come together on-site, and being late for just one person can bother dozens and hundreds of people. For example, just imagining that you were late for a live broadcast would freeze your spine, right? I think that it is often necessary to go to the designated audition venue for the second screening, but please arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance with plenty of time. If there is a big delay or an accident, it is good manners to contact us in advance.

Impression is good other than the judges
In every field, good stories come to those who have a good impression from people. One of the characteristics of the people who audition is that they are friendly, and we sincerely respond not only to the judges but also to the other staff at the venue. This may not be because she is flirting, but because she is aware that she is always seen.
You don’t have to be that nervous, but at least when you’re at the audition, you should think that you’re always being judged. The chances of being seen by the people involved in cursing or rudeness are not zero, and it is possible that they will be rejected. I want to be a person who feels like “I want to get involved with this person”.

Talk to Hakihaki and have a loud voice
It’s different from being loud and screaming, but when you’re auditioning, talk loudly and confidently. Some people have a low voice due to tension or anxiety, but I’m nervous when there are at most a few judges and participants because I have to talk with more people at the debut and large public auditions. You will never be able to pass the exam.
People who speak loudly and openly get the impression that they are full of confidence. Those who have the power to convey to people are great weapons that can be used in any field such as voice actors, singers, models, actors, actresses, comedy, etc., and are taught as the foundation of the basics at training centers. Questions and answers are held at the interview, but when you are called or asked a question, make a loud voice so that the people around you will turn to you.
The second screening is explained in the article linked below.
Reference: [Experience story! ] A special skill that approaches passing when shown at an audition

Is your face or body shape relevant?
Many people care about their appearance such as face and body shape when applying for an audition, but their appearance is not necessarily related to passing the audition. To put it in more detail, for example, some people may have bad teeth alignment or acne, but they can be cured as much as you want after you belong to the office.
As expected, models are a profession that requires good looks, so looks and style have a lot to do with it, but actors, voice actors, singers, etc. have something to do other than appearance. The entertainment world is a world with many good-looking men and beautiful women, but on the contrary, there are many good-looking men and beautiful women who are not selling at all, so it is not always essential to make a debut or become a hot seller.
Some offices place importance on appearance to some extent, but many offices are looking for someone who is purely capable. When applying for an audition, you can check what kind of human resources the office you are applying for is looking for by looking at the official website.
It’s important to understand that there’s nothing wrong with a bad appearance, and auditions are more about the inside than the appearance. Those who have a personality problem do not need to ask and answer and fail. Even if you look bad, there should be many other valuable appeal points that only you have.
The height issue is explained in the article linked below.
Reference: [Trouble] Is there a height limit in the Noh world?

Those who audition are always positive
One of the characteristics of people who audition is that they are energetic and positive in any situation. Energetic and cheerful people give positive energy to the people around them, and they are very important weapons for working together. A cheerful person can be reflected in his voice and attitude, and can answer the judges’ questions in a hurry, so the impression is very good.
And energetic people often have a positive spirit at the same time, and they also appear in words and deeds. At the audition, I made a negative expression that made my impression worse, but what I was waiting for was a rejected character. The way you communicate to the other person is very important, and even if you don’t have the feats or hobbies that you can be proud of, you can make them think that it is a big feat depending on how you communicate.
For example, what do the judges think when they hear the story, “I applied for 100 auditions so far, but all the results were disastrous …”? They will probably follow you on the spot, but they will give you a negative impression and will probably fail. Instead of bringing the negative results to the end, let us know what positive benefits you could get from the negative results.
So, if you tell me anyway, “I have fallen into auditions more than 100 times so far, but through those experiences I realized the importance of XX and XX, and thanks to that I was able to obtain a weapon called XX.” Let’s put it in another way. This gives the judges a good impression that she is always greedy, not only motivated and enthusiastic, but also based on her experience of failure.

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