What clothes are easy to be scouted for? For those who aim to make their debut in the entertainment world

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debut in the entertainment world

What clothes are easy to be scouted for? For those who aim to make their debut in the entertainment world

What clothes are easy to be scouted for? For those who aim to make their debut in the entertainment world

Are you wearing clothes that are easy to be scouted? Maybe you don’t want to audition or go to a training school and want to get lucky with a quick scout? Of course, it’s not easy, and reading this article doesn’t mean that you’ll be 100% voiced.

However, this time I have summarized some points that scoutmen call out to, so please refer to this article and consider clothes that are easy to be scouted. The clothes are scouted, but there seems to be a slight pattern. I would like to touch on the details from the next paragraph. Also, I would like to feature the places to be scouted.

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1 Perfect fashion is minus on the contrary
1.1 Difficult to put out your own aura
2 About specific clothes that Scoutmen like
2.1 Casually try to incorporate trends
3 Are there any characteristics of people who are not scouted?
3.1 Try walking around the city as if you were a scout man
4 Face yourself and realize your charm
4.1 If you can afford it, go to the basement of the department store!
5 Where are you scouted?
Perfect fashion is minus on the contrary
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
It’s easy to think that make-up is perfect for being scouted, men should wear accessories, shave their hair with gel or wax, shave their beards, and walk in a flashy fashion. Unfortunately, the Scoutman will not speak to you if you are maxing out your potential.

Wasn’t it different from the image you expected? That’s right, the Scoutman is looking for a rough diamond that could bring out even more potential than it is today.

Therefore, in other words, it is easier to be called out if the impression is simple and clean, which is the opposite of the image. In many cases, flashy hair color like blonde hair is also a factor that does not speak out, so if you have flashy hair color, try lowering the tone.

Clothes that are easy to be scouted
It’s a problem if the scandalous facts of the past come to light between the time of debut, so it seems that women tend to talk to people who have a pure and neat impression. The same is true for men, such as how to make holes in pierced earrings that seem to be playful, clothes like a yankee, and unclean clothes, it ends without being called out.

If you are not sure about the cleanliness, go to the hairdresser once and tell them that you want to have a clean hairstyle. At first, you might think, “Isn’t this hairstyle suitable for me …?”, But if you get caught here, it’s difficult to live in the entertainment world.

This is because in the entertainment world, hair make-ups are often in charge, and basically it is often left to “professionals” like them. It’s a good idea to consult with a hairdresser in advance so that you can bring out your charm even if you squeeze your hair.

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Difficult to put out your own aura
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
The Scoutman finds the one with the aura in the crowd. However, this aura is a very abstract expression, and unfortunately there are some limits to what can be expressed in letters.

In a straightforward example, if you were a judo player, your opponent was standing in front of you in the match. Then, for some reason, you may get the impression that you are “scary,” “looks strong,” or “feels intimidating.”

Although the categories are different, the entertainment world is similar to them, and many people wear an aura of charm that is full of individuality, which can be called “beautiful intimidation”.

It is casually created from your usual actions, so be sure to keep your posture correct and try to stretch your back so that you have a stick on your back. The scout man does not speak to those who have a bad posture. If you have a strong aura, you may be called out even if you are wearing sunglasses.

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About specific clothes that Scoutmen like
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
First, let’s roughly decide from the color. It doesn’t matter what brand you like, go to the shop, choose the color of the clothes you always wear and the color of the clothes you don’t wear, and stand in front of the mirror for the time being.

Isn’t the shade that makes your complexion bright or cool clear? Since the combination of black and white is easy, it may end up in black and white, but let’s check the color that makes the face shine again with the face.

You don’t have to buy new clothes, but if your wardrobe is all filled with similar things, it’s always a good idea to mix clothes that tend to be a little different.

Because after your debut, you have to wear what a professional stylist has prepared for you, whether you like it or not. The clothes when guests appear on TV will also be helpful.

Clothes that are easy to be scouted
And the important thing is to wear clothes that show your body line for both men and women. For women, it is recommended to wear sharp clothes, and for men, it is recommended to wear clothes with easy-to-understand shoulder width.

Dubbed clothes are popular these days, but unfortunately you won’t be scouted at that point because you don’t really know what you’re doing objectively. If you have thin legs, please wear thin pants to emphasize the thinness.

As a scout target, it doesn’t mean that “if you’re thin, you’ll be called out”, but the good style is still a great weapon. If you have a complex, dress casually to cover it.

Specifically, women with wide shoulders should keep their eyes on the collar of their shirts and wear accessories that allow them to look around her neck. If you have a complex height, you can try using heels for women and secret boots for men. The legs also look long as an additional point.

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Casually try to incorporate trends
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
It may be a good idea to casually incorporate the trends of the year. However, it doesn’t stand out at all if you look like the people around you, so it’s best to wear clothes that make you feel a little flashy. If the clothes that stand out just don’t look good, wear clothes that push the cleanliness to the front.

Even if the clothes are not out of fashion, they look fashionable just by wearing clothes that match the person’s body shape. It is so important to have clothes that fit your body shape.

In the winter season, you will inevitably wear heavy clothes, but in winter it seems that there may be a scout man in the building, so it is a good idea to devise an inner. It is recommended to wear a coat that shows your body shape rather than a down jacket.

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Are there any characteristics of people who are not scouted?
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
Keep the characteristics of non-scout people in check and make your chances more accessible. Common characteristics of people who are not scouted by actors, actresses, models, etc. are “the impression of a quick look is dark”, “the clothes are doweled and untidy”, “too much makeup”, and “a feeling of cleanliness is felt”. “No”, “There are a lot of holes in the pierced earrings unnaturally”, “Wearing too much old clothes”, etc.

Can’t you say that these impressions have a negative aura? If you know any one of them, change your direction immediately. I want to change to clothes that make my complexion look good right now. Also, a neat hairstyle and a shirt with an iron on it are very important and create a sense of cleanliness.

Clothes that are easy to be scouted
It’s okay to dye the hair a little brighter, but hairstyles and makeup like gals won’t make you talk, so research a hairstyle that maximizes your cleanliness and charm. It is important to choose clothes that suit you and that maximize your appeal. If you have a complex body shape, you may want to try using foundation garments.

If you have a bad posture, men can also wear corsets, and there are many things you can do. As I mentioned earlier, when you wear a shirt, it’s a hassle, but it’s a good idea to send it out for cleaning or iron it. I rarely see women who come to shirt dresses without ironing, but just ironing them makes them look nice.

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Try walking around the city as if you were a scout man
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
One of the countermeasures is to walk around the city with the intention of saying, “What if I was a scout man …?” You may come across the scene as to who is being scouted. In such a case, let’s check carefully what kind of atmosphere is being called out.

Depending on the entertainment agency, the human resources you want at that time (sometimes) are different, and there are various scoutmen such as actresses, models, and water businesses, so it is important to walk around the city while imagining the actress / actor you admire. It is. Also, check how you walk at the same time. Are you walking with your heels dragged or sloppy? Let’s consider how to walk again.

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Face yourself and realize your charm
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
As I explained earlier, the most important thing is to look in the mirror and choose clothes until you realize your charm. Let’s do a camera test if anything.

Women use natural make-up, do not surround their eyes, and draw a natural eyeliner. Men also have a concealer called “concealer” that hides blemishes on the market, so why not try hiding the bear under your eyes or the blemishes caused by overburning your skin?

Men are darker than women’s skin and often don’t fit the foundation, so try the concealer first. There is also something called “shading” that shades the face. Covering a little complex will give you some confidence and change your way of walking.

Clothes that are easy to be scouted
And by drawing out your charm moderately, the aura you give off will become even stronger. A smile is also a very important point, and the bright impression of clothes and hairstyle and your own charm will make an impact on the scout man. Surprisingly, many people are worried about what their charm is …?

One way is to take a lot of pictures as if you were a model. This is because there is something called a “camera test” that always checks to see if the camera looks good. Do you always blame the camera instead of yourself, saying, “The camera image is bad …”?

Let’s practice steadily to bring out your own charm by changing the facial expression a little at any angle. It is difficult to survive in the entertainment world without such enthusiasm to become a narcissist.

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If you can afford it, go to the basement of the department store!

Clothes that are easy to be scouted
Affordable cosmetics called “Petitpla” are also good, but if you have time, go to the basement of the department store and ask for natural make-up, so you can get a different make-up than you normally do. Will be. Makeup is free.

In that case, we recommend that you try various make-ups with the enthusiasm of having all the brands do make-up over a whole day instead of one brand.

Not only women but also men should not be overwhelmed and talk about what items can be used. Think of almost all the men on TV as wearing make-up. So you don’t have to be shy about makeup at all.

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Where are you scouted?
Clothes that are easy to be scouted
Is it a “scout spot”? The place to be scouted is generally fixed. For example, in Tokyo, the theory is that there are many areas around Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando, Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku.

It is a large station near the Yamanote line, and there are many scoutmen in the town where young people gather. In front of “109” and in Harajuku, “Takeshita Street” and “Laforet”, as well as “Shinjuku Alta Mae” and “Ikebukuro Sunshine” are famous places to be scouted, so I heard that I have heard them once. There will be many people.

Some people say that they are called out on the platform of the station or on the train, but these are rare cases, so if you are waiting for a scout, you should wait in a solid place. And if you look around the place, you will also notice that there are friends who are also waiting for scouts. Let’s also check what kind of clothes that person is wearing.

Many people may wonder, “Will you be scouted unless you are in Tokyo?” The answer is that there are some examples of being scouted in rural areas, although the odds are lower.

For example, Nozomi Sasaki was scouted in her hometown of Akita. However, there is also a modern way for people living in rural areas to publish their selfies and wait for a scout by using SNS.

There are cases overseas where the photos posted on Instagram etc. have exploded due to some reason, and as a result, the number of followers has increased, and as a result, they have entered the entertainment world.

Even in Japan, although it is not in the entertainment world, there are cases where posting a childcare diary with illustrations caught the attention of the publisher and eventually released the book, so by all means Let’s make effective use of SNS.

As you can see, there are many other things that can lead to the debut of the entertainment world as well as scouts, so please try various methods and get closer to your dreams ♪


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